Rumor Time! Warner Bros. may be looking for a Female Director for Tomb Raider Reboot


Images from game. Don’t get excited.

Who knows how to portray a kick-ass independent female character? If you said Joss Whedon you have a point but the answer is a woman! Heroic Hollywood is citing sources that tell tale of not only is the Evan Daughtry (TMNT reboot) done with the script for Tomb Raider but the studios are looking for a female director to take up the reboot.

“Well the script is out to directors and here is the kicker, they’re looking for a female director, a Michelle Maclaren type,” notes the site. “The reboot is on a fast track, and there is strong progress to production language in the rights deal with Square Enix, the video game company behind the game.”

Instead of a ‘Michelle Maclaren’ type why not Maclaren? She recently dropped the chance to direct the upcoming Wonder Woman film (being replaced by Patty Jenkins) and is well known for her groundbreaking work on Breaking Bad. Tomb Raider can be a great film if it’s done with the right amount of drama; Maclaren could supply that level of skill.


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