Hellboy 3 May Still be a Thing

Director Guillermo del Toro has already said a third Hellboy film wasn’t going to happen and its generally known that it won’t. When the director of a series puts a nail in the coffin of his work it usually means that’s the end. Many still hold on to hope however that a third installment to the series will happen. This includes the star of both films, Ron Perlman.

Ron Perlman has been talking about wanting to put on the red makeup again for a third go for a while now. His excitement for an unconfirmed role has kept fans of the character talking, and the interesting is still there for more Hellboy. Just recently Perlman tweeted the photo above.

Sure, its not a confirmation of a third film and is actually an ad for the second but still. His wording on this tweet is even more telling to the fact that something might be being discussed behind the curtain. Than again, this could just be Perlman dreaming of things that won’t be again.

Honestly I can’t really blame him.


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