Hannibal Won’t be making it to Netflix or Amazon

In today’s day and age when a show is cancelled it may not be the end. With so many streaming services bidding for exclusive content a new home can be found for some shows that may not have made it on network television. After three seasons on the air Hannibal got the axe and there were hopes that Netflix or Amazon would pick up the show and continue it. Well, it seems that won’t be happening.

Based on a recent tweet from Bryan Fuller (above) both Netflix and Amazon have passed on picking up the show. Deadline reports Amazon have passed due to Fuller’s commitment to his next Starz series Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Fuller will need to dedicate up to a full year of his time and Amazon wasn’t willing to wait until he had time.

Netflix was already assumed to pass up the show due to Amazon’s already existing exclusive deal to stream the first three seasons of Hannibal.

Fuller says he hopes to look for other possibilities however the chances of that are bleak. With two major players passing on the show the likelihood of any other ones picking it up gets smaller. Besides Fuller and the Hannibal cast’s contracts are up so they are all free to do whatever they want. We may just have to call a spade a spade on this one folks.


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