“New” Ghostbusters Car Has Been Revealed

car ecto1back

The director of the upcoming Ghostbusters film Paul Feig has posted some photos of the new ECTO-1. Or for those not in the know, the car the Ghostbusters drive. While it isn’t an old ambulance this go around they still kept it a bit on the classic side.

Hashtagged #whattheygonnadrive, the new photos show off an old Cadillac hearse sporting some Ghostbusting equipment. Sure, it’s not the original, but it still pretty cool looking.

Of course there are plenty of people online complaining that their childhood is being ruined and there are going to boycott the film. More sensible people on the other hand know this new film won’t be as good as the original but as long as it doesn’t try to be it should be fun to watch.


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