Marisa Tomei Cast as Aunt May in Upcoming Spider-Man Film


Sony and Marvel’s next Spider-Man film has found their next Aunt May and it may not be someone you would have expected. Academy Award-winning actress Marisa Tomei has been cast as Spider-Man’s aunt, Variety reports.

Sony and Marvel reportedly made an offer to Tomei to play Parker’s aunt last week. She will joining star Tom holland and director Jon Watts in the first Spider-Man film to have Marvel’s involvement. The search is still on for a second screenwriter however they want to get the cast together and committed to multiple films as soon as possible. Holland, playing Spider-Man, is expected to show up in Captain America: Civil war however Tomei will most likely first been seen in Spidey’s standalone film set to hit screens on July 28th, 2017.

Tomei is a very talented actress and we’ve seen her in a wide variety of roles. Her casting begs the question about what she will actually be dressed like in the film. Aunt May has traditionally been dressed like a little old lady in the comics however I don’t see Marisa Tomei pulling that look off for a variety of very obvious reasons. We’ll all just have to wait and see.


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