Doctor Who Season 9 Returns In September

There has not been so much news in the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Primarily, when we can expect to see the ninth season of the series. As you can see by the teaser trailer above, fans were treated to the teaser during their Thursday panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. Shortly after the trailer was premiered at the event, they trailer went up online.

The series will kick off its ninth season on September 19th on BBC America for us in the States. Peter Capaldi claims that the upcoming season will focus on adventure and the Doctor manages to embrace the joys of travelling through space with Clara.

“They’ve suddenly realized that they are the most fortunate people in all of time and space and are hell-bent on adventure,” Capaldi says on the BBC website. “[The Doctor’s] in pursuit of joy and grabbing every thrill that he can along the way. But I sense him running from something that even he does not yet understand…”

As promised, the series will air all 12 episode of the series and some of them will feature two-part episodes. There has been a bit of Doctor Who news, especially the trailer for the new Legos Dimension game. In case you missed that trailer, you can check it out below.


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