SDCC: Star Wars – The Force Awakens Behind-The-Scenes Reel

As promised, during the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel, there was no new trailer released for the movie. Fortunately, they would release a behind-the-scenes reel to get people all hyped up for the upcoming movie. One of the great things about this con is that clips are coming out online after they debut at Comic-Con.

This is a solid idea since someone filmed it and expect it to be huge on their site. BBC did it with Doctor Who yesterday and Star Wars today. We can only hope that Warner Bros will do the same thing with their upcoming slate of films.

The reel above gave a romantic view of the upcoming movie. Showing the original cast but at the same time, showing the fans that get to dabble in the world they enjoyed from their childhood. Everyone from Simon Pegg to the extras playing the new Stormtroopers. To me, this is a fabulous love letter to the fans and gives us faith that this is not only made for but by the fans.


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