Jay Garrick Coming To Flash: Season Two


While many of you are undoubtedly thinking that it is a long time until October, but that is how long it will be until we see The Flash return for its second season. One of the lingering questions from the season finale was the show of Jay Garrick’s Flash helmet come through the wormhole. It had to have some importance, especially when Wells stated that it was his “cue to go.”

Of course, it led to speculation as to whether Jay Garrick, the original Flash in the comics, would appear in the series. If he would appear in the series, it would mean the introduction of the multiverse. During a DC Entertainment panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Geoff Johns had some words about that.

“That’s not an Easter egg, that’s a story point,” Johns said. “We’re going to see Jay.”

This will definitely be a huge boon for the series, especially with comic purist. In addition, Johns noted that if characters were compromised profoundly in the effort to adapt them to the series, it would not be worth doing.

“If Firestorm’s not going to be two people that combine, then we’re not doing it,” he said.

This could be the reason that The Flash, and Arrow, are doing well in regards to ratings. The series is great for fans of the comics but it is not too bogged down in lore that new fans cannot discover the lore on their own. Season one of the series was huge for me, as a comic fan, and I cannot wait to see how they work it all into season two.



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