New Batman vs Superman Trailer is Here

Where you somewhat confused about a few story elements when you saw the first teaser for Batman vs Superman? I know I was. This new trailer, first debuting at San Diego Comic Con, gives a bit more prospective as to why the two heroes are actually at odds with each other, and how it all ties into the Man of Steel film.

I’m not going to spoil much here because I want everyone to watch it. You’ll get plenty of characters to check out as well as plot elements from the film.

My opinion? It looks a hell of a lot more interesting.


2 thoughts on “New Batman vs Superman Trailer is Here

  1. If Clark Kent took a week off from work and just went around the world as Superman doing epic good deeds like digging giant holes all around Africa and filling them with icebergs that would become lakes, then Bats would have to fall back and just be like “um…ok, dude seems legit.”

    The whole Bats vs Supes thing is so stupid, prep time deez nuts. I’m not even a DC stan (i grew up on Marvel) but Supes is OP to the max and i have no idea how he is still viable as a character. What kind of plot acrobatics have writers been using for the past 80 years to keep this Kryptonian Klown going?

    • It seemed like, from the initial Comic-Con when this was announced, that it would be more like The Dark Knight Returns but it seems to have strayed far from that concept. Superman is always a hard guy to make relatible because he’s, well, Superman. I am holding my judgement for it but it will be interesting to see if DC can pull the same move as Marvel.

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