The Killing Joke Animated Movie Coming In 2016


The San Diego Comic-Con has not been full of major surprises in the last couple of years. This year is seeming to be a bit different and we are only into day two of the event but this one is a big one. During the panel for the latest DC Entertainment animated movie, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Bruce Timm announced a bombshell.

As you see by the tweet above from DC Comics, you know this is actually happening. One of the most popular, if not the most popular, Batman story of all-time is coming to our television screens in 2016. Why there are no official details for the movie, we can be certain that Kevin Conroy and quite possibly Mark Hamill will be back for this amazing project, judging by his tweet.

Of course, the big question is how will they handle the very adult storyline of the comic? If you remember, people flew into a tizzy over the homage DC was going to do with the cover of the recent issue of Batgirl. That depiction sent people who have no business talking about it into an emotional wreck on how the cover somehow demeans the character in the current series. Even though it was a variant cover that would not have been released with the main story or have anything to do with it.

As a fan of that story, it will be a great addition to their animated movie slate. As if we did not have more to be excited about with the release of Batman v Superman coming out in 2016, as well. This should be a big year for DC fans but Marvel fans should not worry – we have Civil War coming.


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