Green Lantern Corp Movie Coming


This is what happens when you lead off a panel, you tend to get buried by the bigger story in the panel, especially if that panel is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On Saturday morning’s pane for Warner Bros., they displayed a list of upcoming superhero film projects that were coming down the pipeline. One that was a possible rumor was Green Lantern Corps.

During the slate of films announced nearly two years ago, a Green Lantern movie was announced but not truly official. It was originally slated as a team-up movie then got pulled back to another solo movie, which drew the ire of many fans. Not to mention how would we have an origin movie after the Justice League movie would have been released?

However, it seems that it will not be a solo project but a film about the entire Corp, which is good for fans. We had a glimpse of that in the bad Green Lantern movie some years back. It was so bad that Ryan Reynolds makes a comment about it in the new Deadpool movie. While it has been announced, we do not know much more beyond that.

Earlier rumors stated that Warner Bros. would announce the cast during Comic-Con, which was rumored to have Chris Pine to star, but that never materialized. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this movie as there has been no mention of a writer or director attached to it. We need to know about which Lantern will be joining the Justice League soon. Now everyone can go back to studying the Batman v Superman trailer.



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