Minions Takes Top Box Office Spot

Well someone had to do it eventually; Jurassic World has been bumped from the top spot in the box office. Minions debuted with the second-highest grossing weekend in history for an animated film bringing in $115 million domestically over last weekend. The film made $46.2 million on Friday alone according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Things were looking good overseas as well with an additional $280.5 million earned totaling $395.7 million in one weekend globally. Don’t cry too much for Jurassic World however; it was only bumped one spot and still made a respectable $18.1 million over that same weekend. Jurassic World has earned $590 million domestically since its release.

Minions is a prequel to the original Despicable me and chronicles the origin of the minions themselves. Minions hasn’t really faired all that well on Rotten Tomatoes however earning a 54% from critics and a 61% from the audience (at the time of writing). Being that this is a movie you can bring your kids too as well as the current Minions mania we’re all going through with deals with Twinkies, bananas and others it was bound to be a hit.


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