The Suicide Squad Trailer is Here

The Suicide Squad movie trailer was shown at San Diego Comic Con this year and it didn’t take a long time to leak to the rest of is. Of course the leaked video is a recording of the trailer on a screen with a phone so it isn’t really ideal. Even though Warner Bros. played coy for a bit it didn’t take long for an official release to happen, as you can see above.

Personally I really liked this trailer. It was dark but showed there will be at least some humor. Harley was a big focus (of course) and the bit with the Joker at the end gave us a real up close and personal look. Will Smith as Deadshot got the majority of the speaking done for the Squad throughout the trailer however Amanda Waller set up the entire backstory of how the team works in the beginning.

The trailer gave just enough information for the audience to know sort of what’s going on but left a lot up to discover. While there will always be haters of anything I’m sure there are a fair amount of fans that are looking forward to the film.


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