Trash Cans Doubling as Wi-Fi Providers in New York City


Trash is a real pain for most everyone and can especially be a problem in a large city. Every single human being creates trash (some more than others) and needs to dispose of it somehow throughout the day. Many large cities, like New York City for example, provide trash cans around the city to encourage people to not throw their garbage on the street. Essentially it’s a box for trash and not much more however a waste management company in NYC is trying to give these waste bins a bigger purpose.

BigBelly has built solar-powered trash cans that have built in sensors to alert the company when they are almost full. Being a self-contained and self-powered “device” the company figures they can make them even more useful by installing wireless routers in them as well to provide free internet to the entire city of New York.

BigBelly has teamed up with New York’s Downtown Alliance to provide 170 smart bins around the city with bandwidth capabilities of 50 to 75 megabits per second. While this has obvious uses for the public CityLab reports this technology could even be used to display public announcements to a future New York.

Stuff like this is amazing and an improvement on something most didn’t even realize could be improved on. This shows off a trend that is creeping its way slowly into society that internet is something that should be available to all no matter their economic situation. It also saves most of us from paying large cell phone charges for data overages.


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