Comcast’s Gigabit Service Is Not For Shallow Pockets



There is a lot to make fun of Comcast for but it seems that they are not even trying anymore. They have revealed their new blazing fast 2-gigabit-per-second internet service. It is not for the faint of heart or shallow pockets. You can sign up for the service at a whopping $299 per month, or $159 during a special promotional period.

It does not end there. The residential service costs $299.95 per month, and “fees of up to $500 for installation and up to $500 for activation apply,” Comcast said on its website. “Equipment, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges” will also boost the overall cost.

That would seem like a pretty good deal for small start-ups in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco or even New York. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it is available in Nashville. That is Nashville, Tennessee. That was the initial statement.

Comcast told Ars Technica that the promotional price of $159 a month lasts for three years and is available “across our entire Central Division, which includes Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, Chattanooga and in other areas like Peoria, Champaign, Knoxville, and South Bend, IN.” The promotion is not available in other cities.

Installation and activation fees “may vary depending on proximity to our fiber plant and certain promotions,” Comcast said.

According to The Next Web, the city that ranks 45th in the nation for median household income. The price of that service will factor in as a quarter of someone’s monthly rent. Customers in the area are now able to sign up for the service and claims to be twice as fast as those promised by Google Fiber and AT&T, according to Nashville Business Journal.

“Whatever provider you’re personally pulling for, Nashville’s business community has salivated for more than a year now over the benefits of interest from any gigabit provider (especially the one hailing from Mountain View, Calif.).” says the site. “Gigabit service attracts the young, tech-savy entrepreneurial class the city wants. And it forces all other providers to up their games.”

As they claim to be offering “twice” the speed of Google Fiber, which is coming to Nashville areas, will cost as low as $70. They may have something with twice the speed but at four times the price? That seems a bit much. Not only that but AT&T’s GigaPower service, which is limited, still offers service as low as $120. It is unclear what Comcast’s motives are but it does not expect to sell much of this service.






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