The Last Starfighter TV Series In The Works… Maybe


As a kid, there was a desire in your heart to think about what if video games were actually a training simulator to train you to save a race from annihilation from a powerful aggressor? If you did, then you probably remember the 1984 sci-fi classic, The Last Starfighter.

Unfortunately, after 30 years, it is not going to be coming back the way we remembered. Variety is reporting that the original film’s writer, Jonathan Betuel, is returning to create a series but using virtual reality as a gimmick in the new series.

Entitled The Starfighter Chronicles, the new series (which is still in early development) will be viewable on your regular television, but for those equipped with virtual reality headsets, you will be able to explore the area around you. “It’s a very interesting blend,” said Betuel. “The otherworldiness of it lends itself to VR.”

Why would someone create a television show that incorporates virtual reality? Betuel has teamed up with Andy Vick and Rick Rey, co-founders of, a new virtual-reality entertainment company that aims to combine linear storytelling with VR. Therein lies the catch.

The VR segments will be completely optional and only for those that have the hardware. This will not be a direct follow-up to the original movie. The new series will take them out of war and become more like space cops.

This is not the first time news about this project being rebooted has come to light. There is little promise in this project actually coming to a television near you. As it is working with experimental hardware and the VR gaming units have yet to hit the market, it will be quite a while before this series (in this form) will see the light of day.




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