YouTuber Scott Manley Recreates New Horizons Mission in KSP

Kerbal Space Program is one of my favorite games of all time. While I don’t always play it due to time constraints and rage quits, the space exploration simulator provides endless fun for all you science nerds out there. Using technology similar to what we use in real life traveling to space isn’t always very easy. Well, it’s never really that easy.

Scott Manley is a YouTuber known for his Kerbal videos and his latest pays homage to NASA’s New Horizons mission currently passing by Pluto. The mission is an impressive one being the fastest manmade object to date as well as being the only spacecraft (probe) to be launched directly into Earth escape velocity instead of making a few loops around our fair blue globe before it took off. It’s a masterpiece of engineering and Manley has recreated the mission with a high level of accuracy in the game.

Using a large amount of mods Manley was able to launch a reenactment of the New Horizons mission with Kerbal Space Program. One very noticeable mod being used is changing the game’s solar system to our own and giving it realistic distances (the games solar system is scaled down dramatically for ease of play.) It’s amazing to watch.

Be sure to check out the recording Manley made of the mission and enjoy his expert commentary as well


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