Comcast Offers Steam That Is Not A Standalone Service



On Wednesday, we talked about Comcast not really knowing what they are doing in regards to their internet service. Today, we bring you their “solution” to streaming content to their customers. Again, it seems that no one at the company truly understands just how streaming service is designed to work or they simply do not care.

On Monday, Comcast announced their new at-home streaming service, Stream. We will explain that whole “at home” part in a moment. The service will be available to Xfinity customers that will be able to add it to their service for $15 a month.

The service claims that it will allow you to watch “about a dozen networks”, which includes HBO, Fox and NBC on your tablet, laptop and smartphone. The service will include on-demand movies, a cloud DVR and access to TV Everywhere.

Now we’re getting back to that “at home” thing. Engadget is reporting that it will not come through an internet connection, nor will you be able to watch it anywhere. You will only be able to access it at home, not via the open internet.

Stream is “an IP-based cable service that offers live, on demand and cloud DVR delivered over our managed network in the home.” Apparently the service will come through the same wiring and modem over the last mile to your home that will give you access to the service. Confused? In simpler language, it is cable TV without any of the cables. Not to mention, you are stuck at home to watch the service.

The service is in trials in Boston by the end of the summer and if things go well, it will come to Chicago and Seattle by the end of the year. There are so many downsides to this option that it makes my head spin. Comcast does not seem to understand the customer’s need or they simply do not care. Unfortunately for Comcast customers, I believe it’s the latter.



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