Original PlayStation CPU Powers New Horizons Spacecraft


Pluto Showing off Some Mountains in This Brand New Close Up

The original PlayStation was an amazing gaming machine and a lot of console gamer’s first taste of digital victory. By today’s standards it may not look like much but the PlayStation housed some incredible games that were enjoyed by millions. It was all made possible by the MIPS R3000 processor inside the console and it may surprise you what that old processor has been doing these days.

NASA’s New Horizons probe has just made its pass by Pluto giving humanity the first ever close up detailed image of the little planet that could. What made this all possible? The 32-bit 12MHz MIPS R3000 processor running it. The same processor that ran your Final Fantasy 7 mega sessions in the 90’s.

Of course slight modification were made to shield the processor from the harsh radiation of space but it was the same processor. This isn’t exactly news just something that we all need to understand. Even 90’s tech can still be useful. Next we will land on Mars with nothing but an NGAGE processor and old parts from a Sony Discman. It can happen if you believe.




Source: The Verge


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