Hulu May Offer Ad-Free Service



How many people are truly bugged by the ads that appear on Hulu? As for someone that does watch regular television, those ads do not bug me as much. However, some older programming does not feature ads. However, it seems that Hulu is going to consider giving people that have been clamoring for an ad-free version of the service. For a price.

The WSJ is reporting that Hulu could offer an ad-free service which will be a higher paid-tier, much like what you see with Pandora or Spotify. The current price for the service is $8 a month and the report claims that it could jump as high as $12 to $14 a month for no ads. That is an increase of $4 to $6 a month to simply skip the commercials.

You did not think they would offer the upgrade for free, did you? Pandora is a free service but you need to pay $9 a month for no-ads. It seems that Pandora is having a difficult time getting customers to switch over. Keep in mind that Hulu is a joint venture between 21st Century Fox, Comcast and Walt Disney, which are all about that money life.

The rivalry between Netflix and Hulu has been stern for the last few years. However, when it comes to price, they are on equal footing. However, Netflix does not offer commercials and has a slew of original programming. Hulu, who offers two commercials per commercial break, only recently got into the original series arena.

I am both a Netflix and Hulu subscriber. I overwhelmingly watch Netflix over Hulu. I barely manage to justify the $8 a month but if they propose to jump to a new ad-free service, without the option to remain on the $8 plan, then I will be cancelling the service all together. In the end, I will stick with the current plan as there is no great annoyance in seeing shorter commercial times than what network television currently has.




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