Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter Ends with Over $6.3 Million Earned


Ever since the Kickstarter campaign for a new Shenmue game was announced fans have been paying close attention to it. It looks like they were doing far more than watching however with $6,333,296 USD earned from 69,320 backers.

Shenmue III is now the record-holder for most-funded video game on Kickstarter with previous record holder Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night taking second with its total of $5.545.991 USD raised. Shenmue III also took the record for fastest game project to reach $1 million.

Sony has confirmed they will be working with developer Ys Net to “get the game done.”

“Sony and PlayStation are definitely a partner in this game,” said Sony’s director of third party production Gio Corsi. “And we are going to be partners the whole way and we’re really excited to see this come out in a couple of years.”

Might be time to break out the forklift again! You won’t understand that if you aren’t a Shenmue fan.


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