Ashley Madison Hack Is Bigger Than You Think


As news broke over the Ashley Madison and Established Men hack on Monday, it seems that there have been extreme opinions on the matter. One side, you can’t help but laugh and do not feel bad for the people caught up in it, and the other, the security should have been tighter. Granted, we can figure out which people actually used the site or not. Although, this is something that we should be look at (and be concerned about) regardless of the website.

As people chuckle over this hack, it was not that long ago that Target and Home Depot was hacked, as well as Sony’s PlayStation Network. Yet, since this site encourages cheating on spouses, it deserves less scrutiny? A site that boasts its security for people to cheat on their spouses should have looked at their security like those of say the IRS or health care information. Oh wait…

Hackers that exploit people’s personal information or hold it for ransom should not be allowed. Regardless of what the site is about. No, I do not agree with the site or its methodology but I do not believe that a few self-appointed morality vigilantes should have the ability to hack a company and demand they shutdown or release confidential information.

It is important to look at a situation that is no different than when you had to change your debit card because of the Target hack. Better yet, for those millions of people that are being notified that their social security numbers and personal information from the Internal Revenue Service was compromised. Last year, Canadian citizens had their personal information compromised due to a hack.

Many of the companies hold our personal information but we never scrutinize their cyber security due to the cost and that it truly does not affect the companies. Mostly the consumer is the one that has to deal with the ramifications of their personal information being stolen. When a company promotes their security of their site, it should be backed up but many companies get lazy when it comes to modifying their security when new threats emerge.

Again, I am no way saying that Ashley Madison nor the hackers have the right to exist but this is the nature of the beast. Everyone can laugh about this because the people on that site deserve it. Just remember that when your bank, healthcare provider or Tinder gets hacked. I think people will take it seriously then. Internet companies need to be proactive and not reactive.




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