Superman Sneaks into Secret Wars #8 Cover


The eight issue of Secret Wars may have a bit more in store for fans to check out; even though it may be extremely subtle. The cover, put together by Alex Ross, shows man different key moments happening around the central conflict of Mr. Fantastic vs. Doctor Doom. It’s an awesome cover by itself but what the guys over at CBR found make it all that much better.

Let’s zoom in on the image of Spider-man in the bottom right corner of the cover.



At a quick glance you may not see anything but take note of the shape right next to Spider-man’s right leg. That would be Superman’s boot.

Superman? In a Marvel comic? Surely you jest! Nope it’s his boot and there is a good reason for it to be there.

The image is an homage to the 1976 crossover event cover of Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Battle of the Century. The original cover was designed by Carmine Infantino and Ross Andru and can be seen below. Not only is the boot in the right place but Spider-man is positioned exactly the same way. It’s as if they just took a picture of Spider-Man at this exact moment in time only for it to show up here.

This is a great call back to a classic as well as a bit of respect to a friendly rival in the comic book industry. If it wasn’t for CBR we may never have noticed it.



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