First Supergirl Poster is here


DC Comics and CBS are more than happy to show off their new upcoming Supergirl show with plenty of teaser trailers. Of course we all know, it’s not serious until there’s a poster.

The poster (above) is relatively standard Kryptonian here. Flying through the city with one first pointed out and one knee bent. It doesn’t get any more Supergirl than that. The tagline “a new hero will rise” cements what the trailer has already showed; the show will start with Kara (Supergirl) first becoming the hero she was born to be.

While people are getting a bit tired of origin stories for characters they already know (I’m looking at you Spider-Man) starting off with one for this character makes sense. While someone who is new to Supergirl can make a few assumptions on what powers she will have (because everyone knows who Superman is) her exact story needs to be brought up to speed for most.

We’re all looking forward to see how this one is going to go and can only hope for Arrow/The Flash crossovers.


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