Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Cars Over Hack Vulnerability



When Wired shows the video reporting about the possibility of someone hacking a Jeep Cherokee last week, many of the major auto manufactures stayed quite. What was even more stunning is that when it was first reported on, over a year ago, many of the auto companies laughed it off. Once the video and report went viral, it seemed to have caught their attention, especially when hackers would have access to turning off the vehicle during operation.

Late last week, Fiat Chrysler NV announced that they would be recalling approximately 1.4 million vehicles for emergency security patches. The company had already issued a patch on its website for drivers and on Thursday it performed an over-the-air update for some vehicles to block unauthorized remote access.

The vehicles covered by the recall include the 2015 model year Dodge Ram pickup, Dodge’s Challenger and Viper, and the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee SUVs. While Fiat Chrysler officials said that there was no known real-world use of the vulnerability (outside Miller’s and Valasek’s proof of concept), they were taking the recall step out of “an abundance of caution.”

The proof of concept that Wired performed showed that many of the functions of the vehicle were accessed through the entertainment system in the vehicle. Some have questions why many of the functions of the vehicle are connected to the entertainment system, although many have said this is done to reduce weight and raise fuel efficiency on the vehicles. While other fatal flaws found in cars in recent years, an over-abundance of caution is a good idea at this point.



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