Writers Confirmed for Upcoming Spider-Man Film


John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, co-writers of Vacation, have confirmed their involvement in the next incarnation of Spider-Man. Marvel and Sony’s upcoming reboot will see yet another actor take over for the iconic character.

“We can finally acknowledge that,” Daley told NPR. “This is the first time that we can say that we are writing it.”

Everyone’s questions involve how this Spider-man is going to be depicted. Tom Holland, the actor tapped to play Spidey, is on the younger side which is making fans happy. Daley spoke about a few details on what sort of Spider-man they are creating and reassuring everyone that the focus on him being a geek will be very present.

“He’s a sharp kid and witty and kind of deals with the fact that he’s an outcast and a geek through humor,” he explained. “It is sort of the safety net for geeks like us, so I think we can totally relate to where he’s coming from. As well as the superpowers, which we also have.”

Of course we’ll be waiting a long while for the next Spider-Man film with the release date set at July 28th 2017. However, Tom Holland’s first appearance as Spider-Man will be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War slated for May 6th, 2016.


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