Chris Pine Closes Deal To Co-Star In Wonder Woman



For weeks now, rumors have been swirling about what part Chris Pine would be playing in the DC Comics Cinematic Universe. Prior to San Diego Comic-Con, rumors ran rampant that Pine was either choosing to be in Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Some reports indicated that he was going to lead the new Green Lantern Corp movie or play Steve Trevor in the Gal Gadot-lead. It appears that he took the latter.

The Wrap is reporting that Pine has closed a deal that would have him co-star in the Wonder Woman that is slated for release in 2017. According to the site, they say he will play more than a love interest, he would have a multi-picture deal that would include sequel options. Pretty much similar to a Marvel deal.

It is interesting how people were rumoring that Pine was up for either role and he had to decide, which I thought was a bit odd. In one of our podcast episodes, we mentioned that he would be an odd choice for Hal Jordan, if they were going with that character.  Tyrese recently confirmed that he had spoken with DC about a Green Lantern role.

Pine is currently filming the third film in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond, and signed an option for more movies after that. We do not know when production of Wonder Woman would begin but it should begin probably early in 2016 to make its June 23, 2017 release date.


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