Dragon Quest 11 Officially Announced


Square Enix has given us a bit of a treat yesterday and announced the eleventh Dragon Quest game is set to release for the PlayStation 4, 3DS, and Nintendo NX in the near future. Not only that but it was also announced the PS4 version will be built on the Unreal Engine 4.

The Nintendo 3DS version will be handled a bit differently than the PS4 version for obvious reasons. From what we’re seeing the 3DS version shows a modern art style on the top screen with a more classic look on the second screen. The 3DS version is being developed in collaboration with an unknown 3rd party studio.

During the same livestream (Japanese livestream I may add) Dragon Quest X was also announced for a PlayStation 4 release. X is a massively multiplayer online RPG and was originally only available for the Wii U, 3DS, and PC.

Square Enix did confirm that both games will be releasing for the Nintendo NX as well. Nintendo NX is the working title for Nintendo’s next console. There are no details past the games existence for this mysterious console at this time.


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