Rumor: Channing Tatum Leaving Gambit?



What has probably come as the biggest shock, if true, that Channing Tatum could possibly be leaving the upcoming Gambit solo movie for 20th Century Fox. At least, that is what The Wrap is reporting. There are no details as to why he would be leaving a project he has been pushing for and that he is currently producing for the X-Men franchise.

Now, the site is clinging to the whole “source familiar with the situation” are citing that “something is up” and that director Rupert Wyatt could have to look for a new lead, as well as continuing to test actresses for the female lead. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Tatum was at San Diego Comic-Con along with the rest of the X-Men family to promote their slate of comic movies.

The piece itself lends itself to rumor rather than hard facts. They do not provide a reason or even a speculation of a reason as to why he would leave when the film is slated for a 2016 release.

The only reason that I could see as being a solid reason would be another project is going to conflict with him starring in the movie. Gambit has been a passion project for Tatum and has been seeking out this role for a very long time.

While no one (as of this writing) has commented on the situation, we could/have heard some confirmation or dismissal of this rumor. It is not unusual for actors to drop out of a role just before filming began, but never someone that is credited as producer, usually that is left to directors. We will update this piece when more information is available.



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