Marvel Releasing New Hercules Comic Title



Marvel is bringing back a character that we have not seen in a while: Hercules. He was part of the Marvel Universe for a long time but it has since moved closer to Thor and that whole field. However, this fall Marvel is bringing back the character in a big with Dan Abnett writing and Luke Ross providing the artwork.

“I love the Marvel Universe and all the characters in it,” Abnett said to CBR. “I think Hercules is a fabulous addition to that and, as you said, there have been some great comics handling him over the years, Bob Layton’s in particular. All of them tend to play up the combination of his immense god like power with a sort of fallibility and buffoonery, which I think works really well.”

It is quite interesting just how much Marvel is getting back to basic with many of their characters after the events in Secret Wars pans out. The series will place the title character on a path to self-realization as he tries to be the hero he thought he was.

Because of the nature of “Secret Wars,” I was restricted from using Thor. So I made damn sure that Hercules was part of [Korvac Saga”]. I wanted a big powerhouse demigod character. He wasn’t in the original “Korvac Saga,” but it made great sense to make him one of the key figures here. When I was writing the series I wasn’t underwriting Hercules, but I was thinking of him as the classic Hercules; the slightly outrageous sandal costume, the beard, the hearty embracing of life and the slightly buffoonish quality. I then thought, “Gosh! I’ve sort of got a blind spot about Hercules!” He’s an accepted and essential part of the Marvel Universe, but always has sort of slightly qualified adventures.”

“This is not a grim and gritty take on Hercules,” Abnett says. “It’s going to be triumphantly celebratory of everything that Hercules has ever been, but it is him cutting back to basics and going, ‘Right, I need to get my act together again and prove that I’m a serious warrior and hero.’”

You can check out the cover of the first issue and some of Ross’ concept art. The first issue will hit retailers and digitally in November.


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