Channing Tatum Officially Signs On For Gambit


News started trickling out late last week that Channing Tatum could be dropping out of the Gambit movie, which was to expand the Fox/Marvel universe. The news circulated like wildfire and the reaction was strong. However, the reaction was strong in the realm of confusion. Someone who has championed the series for years, why would he leave the project? Apparently, that is all over now.

THR reported on Saturday that despite the reports, Tatum has officially signed onto the project and will star in the upcoming franchise. According to the report, it seems that both sides hit a rough patch in the negotiations, which is common in this type of movie. Launching with a solo movie and potential deals for other solo movies and possible crossovers would require special treatment.

Tatum himself actually travelled to San Diego Comic-Con for the Fox panel, which had all the actors from all their Marvel properties, and remember that he showed up without being an “official” part of the team. So hearing that he would leave was jarring.

It appears that two of the sticking points was just how involved in the X-Men Universe Gambit would be a part of, as well as backend compensation since he is listed as a producer in the project. This is not a major sticking point but a common one. In the end, I would say that I am glad he is sticking with it because I have finally gone accepting of him playing Gambit.



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