Kevin Conroy would “Absolutely” do a Justice League Game

Kevin Conroy On Voicing BATMAN For 20 Years

There have been many people that have taken up the cowl and played Batman in many different forms of entertainment. Kevin Conroy, however, is the official Batman by all that know the truth. Starting off by voicing the Bat in the animated series from the early 90’s; Conroy went on to voice Batman in almost every animated depiction of the character, give or take a few.

Rocksteady has stated that they won’t be making any more Batman games however fans have been very vocal about wanting the series to continue as a Justice League series. Conroy has expressed enthusiasm about continuing his role in any future games that may happen.

“Oh yeah! Absolutely,” he said. “I would love to do that. It’s really hard to record games and very hard to create them, but the result is so rewarding that it makes it worthwhile at the end.”

Arkham Knight pretty much wrapped up Rocksteady’s Batman storyline however money talks and a Justice League game done in Rocksteady’s style could be amazing. Conroy hopes the series continues.

“I just hope they figure out some way to have [Batman: Arkham Knight] segue into a new chapter, but I don’t know how they could because it’s such a frightening ending,” Conroy said. “It’s such a great concept, of Batman fighting his way out of Arkham, the different battles he’s gotten into in Arkham, I’d hate to think that is the end of that story. I understand it’s the third part of the trilogy and it’s the end of the arc, but I hope they can figure out some way to translate it into something else. I don’t know how they could, though, because the end is so frightening.”

He’s not kidding either. The ending of Arkham Knight (which I won’t spoil here) sets a pretty specific tone. It would be pretty hard to move on from that to an entirely new series. However with the magic of storytelling they don’t really have to connect the Batman ark with Justice League. Do over’s for all!


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