Is Hulk Appearing In Captain America: Civil War?


Since the end of Avenger: Age of Ultron and the cast was revealed for Captain America: Civil War, the only two characters that were not included in the movies were any of the television characters, Thor and Bruce Banner.  Mark Ruffalo, himself, said that he had not heard anything and the powers that be kept stating that he would not be a part of that world.

According to the German newletter BILD, it was reported that Ruffalo was in Germany with three of the movies cast shooting something for the film.

This is the English translation:

Since this week, US superstars Chris Evans (34), Mark Ruffalo (47) and Anthony Mackie (36) along with fellow actor star Daniel Brühl are shooting the third part of „Captain America“ in Berlin.

It was, also, reported that the four guys were partaking in the Berlin nightlife. Along with reports that Tom Hollway has already filmed his scene(s) for the upcoming cameo, it is cool that he may drop in for some last minute help.

Given the fact that Ruffalo would be in Germany with Evans and Mackie, would give an indication that he has taken Captain America’s side in this issue. It would be nice to have Hulk in this movie, especially since they have nearly everyone else.

It would seem that we will have to wait until someone denies this report or if it even makes the final cut of the film. Remember Loki was slated to appear in the dream sequence in Age of Ultron, but Joss Whedon cut the scene due to the fact that it was “too much.” We will have to wait until next year.


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