Windows 10 Email Scams Are Happening


It was bound to happen right? Microsoft offers Window 10 for free and it’s relevant to almost all computer users and scammers take very little time to capitalize on all this attention. According to a recent Cisco blog post, scam emails are making the rounds posing as an official Microsoft email.

As you can see from the image above the email is styled in the same blue that Microsoft is using and provides a link that is supposed to provide the user with their Windows 10 upgrade. The .zip file that it provides however contains CTB Locker, a bit of ransomware that will lock down your files and request payment to remove the virus.

Of course with any of these scam emails there are telltale signs that will show it to be bogus. For one Microsoft isn’t going to send you an email with spelling or grammar errors of any kind and the strange looking A that is circled in the image above indicates a formatting error. This happens when someone is typing in one language on a foreign keyboard. In this case based on the IP address this email is originating from Thailand.

Microsoft has been using a reservation system that is built right into Windows 7 and 8.1 through an update. It sits right on your task bar and we all got it. If you see this email be sure to mark it as spam so it doesn’t happen again.


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