Op-Ed: Fox Will Not Give Up Fantastic Four Rights



Of course Fox is standing behind Fantastic Four, why wouldn’t they? That is the question that no one out there in fandom is asking or even attempting to answer. We all know the basic reason why. It is simply because people want to see Fox give up the right and send them back to Marvel then we have can a proper Fantastic Four movie. If you expect to hear that announcement this year, or even next year, you will be seriously disappointed.

May people, including myself, are taking to their respective blogs, websites or Twitter account to predict or even force Fox into releasing the Fantastic Four rights back to Marvel. The hatred for this movie spawned before the movie was even announced. Given what the studio did with the original pair of films, it is no surprise that the audience would groan.

On Monday, articles began to pop up about the $60 million Fox stands to lose as the result of its poor box officer weekend and surprise that Fox is standing behind the movie still. With overseas box office receipts do not seem to help stem the tide of bleeding cash, it does make sense that Fox publicly would be standing behind the movie: because it’s still in theaters!

If the studio had immediately scrapped the sequel from its release date and immediately started holding meetings with Marvel, people would automatically stop seeing the movie. Granted many people are not but the studio needs to stand firm behind it because it could spur some people to actually check out the movie. Turn that $60 million write-off into something a bit smaller, however improbable as that would seem.

In this day in age when a comic book movie has to bring in big numbers its opening weekend, everyone seems to forget the days when movies stayed in theaters for months. Ant-Man was considered weak by many people’s standards and it is doing incredibly well by word-of-mouth. People turned on Avengers: Age of Ultron because it fell behind its previous film, which was still a ton of money.

After X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, many people wondered what would happen to that franchise. Fox had a whole slew of Origin movies that they wanted to do, starting with Wolverine. Remember the Magneto origin movie and Mystique?

Will Marvel eventually get the rights back? Probably not. If they do, I will be shocked. Fox and Marvel do not have the best of relationships. However, if their X-Men universe expands and proves successful, they may be willing to drop the first family of Marvel.

This is what I see happening: Fox will keep up the sequel. It may not be the exact release date but they may pull back and restructure. They will most likely keep the cast and change directions. Bring in a new director with a more comic book movie (i.e. Marvel) flare for the franchise. It will not be a reboot but kind of a carrying on without talking about the previous film as much.

When you read articles (mostly rumors) about Marvel talking with Fox – don’t believe it. It will not happen. Maybe one day, very far down the road. As for right now, we will have to settle that Fox is going to stick with it and eventually make a decent movie. It may be hard for us Marvel fanboys to deal with but it is most likely the truth.



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