Chinese Console Blatantly Rips Off Three Game Consoles


There is a Chinese version of Kickstarter. Let that first fact sink in a bit. China has a Kickstarter website and it also looks a lot like the American version. A particular project currently asking for funds is the Ouye. The Ouye is a gaming console that isn’t even trying to hide the fact that it’s a rip off of not one, not two, but three already existing consoles.

The image above may confuse the untrained eye into thinking it’s just a PlayStation 4. However, much to Sony’s dismay it is very far from a PS4. This Android based knock off includes features from both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. There is literally not one original idea in the design of this console. Let’s break it down.

  • The obvious shape (compared in the image below) is that of a PlayStation 4.
  • The Ouye’s controller looks like a direct copy of the Xbox One’s pad. A direct result of it being a copy.
  • They even threw in the top grill from the Xbox One into the PS4 shell for added effect.
  • Ouye’s name is even a knock off of Ouya.

Kotuku reader ZhugeEX translated some of the Kickstarter page and found out some very interesting details. The Ouye is being developed by a Shenzhen company and while a bit more powerful than the Ouya it features some outdated hardware. The Kickstarter is opening later this month with a $15k goal. The console will cost around $70 and will come with the controller.

Now before we cast a judgmental eye at China it’s important to note that the console has been getting a healthy share of negative feedback in its home country. This is largely due to it being so obviously a rip off of two already existing, and now recently allowed to be sold in China, game consoles.

Companies copy each other’s tech all the time but there are two big positives of this habit missing with the Ouye. They haven’t improved upon anything and they aren’t even trying to make it look like it’s an original idea.

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Image and Story Source: Kotaku


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