The Lazy Geeks Podcast #202: That Heat Tho

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The guys have a jam-packed show for you! It’s hot! It’s been over 100 degrees in both Los Angeles and Arizona for the last few days and they have had it. Steven reviews Fantastic Four while Adam talks about the Rock’s take on Hercules. They, also, cover some of the big news out of Disney’s D23 Expo this weekend, so Civil War, Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts 3 news.

Other topics for the week: Constantine on Arrow, Friday the 13th series, Battlefront, PES 2014, Professor X for Wolverine 3, Looney Tunes DC Variants, Note 5 and S6+, Cortana coming to Android and when does this idea become a better option. Check it out.


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Opening Story/Random –

It’s hot!

Review of Fantastic Four

Broke on Netflix: Hercules


D23 News

Civil War Footage Shown

Star Wars: Disney, Rogue One and Episode 9 Director

Big Hero 6 To Be Featured In Kingdom Hearts 3

Darth Vader-Inspired PS4 featuring Battlefront and Disney Infinity 3.0


News –


Movie/TV News

Steve: Constantine Crossover On Arrow

Adam: Friday the 13th TV Series


Gaming News

Steve: Battlefront Supremacy Mode

Adam: Konami Shutting Down Online Support for PES 2014


Comic News

Steve: Is Wolverine 3 Old Man Logan?

Adam: Looney Tunes DC Variant Theme for November


Technology News

Steve: Samsung Announced Note 5 and S6Plus

Adam: Cortana Can Now Be Default Assistant on Android


This week’s This Bitch –

When Does This Become The Option


Other info:

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One thought on “The Lazy Geeks Podcast #202: That Heat Tho

  1. regarding the new Battle Front game; they better come with some solid maps and make sure everything is tight.
    no Single Player and no Space Battles is really fucking with me.

    BF2 was amazing (i know i’ve said it before).
    the mods for that game were sick as well, so many more Classes…i was so excited to play as a Bothan Spy and use cloaking!

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