CW Putting Hold On DC Spin-offs For Now


As it seemed that the CW was doubling down on comic series for their primetime line-up. After two seasons of Arrow, it proved so successful that they wanted a spin-off of The Flash. After an amazing first season of the series, they asked for a third with Legends of Tomorrow. Although, at the TCA presentation last week, CW President Mark Pedowitz claims that Legends of Tomorrow will be the last one for a while.

Of course, some fan sites are spelling out doom-and-gloom for the three DC shows. Now there is even a rumor that Arrow will end after the fifth season because they will run out of flashback. Obviously, these people do not understand how television shows work. If they get ratings, they will come back for more. Here is the thing about the doom-and-gloom reports you are seeing: they are complete crap.

If Legends of Tomorrow turns out to be a big hit, on the level of The Flash and Arrow, CW will probably put out the feelers for a new series but it may not come out of the same producing factory that they current three shows are running. Even with one of the main guys working on CBS’ Supergirl, could keep them occupied for a bit.

The biggest reason for the hold out would be preventing over-saturation of the franchise that is carrying their network. While the CW does have other series bringing ratings, they could easily turn everyone out by giving them too much to watch. If the shows do well in the coming season, do not be surprised to see more talk coming online. Ratings equals money and no one wants to cut off the money stream.



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