DRM Will Prevent Some Classic Games From Running On Windows 10



About ten years ago, gaming companies that were threatened by the onslaught of online piracy tried slipping DRM-based security measures into their software which did not curb piracy nor was it a great consumer experience. In the last 10 years, we have seemed to come a long with some games being released without DRM. Although, it seems the sins of the past are coming back to haunt the new Windows 10 operating system.

It seems that some games, according to Engadget, that were released way back when will have some issues running on your new Windows 10 os. Microsoft notes that games that run on some versions of SafeDisc and Securom DRM will not be allowed to run on Windows 10 at all.

To break it down even further, old discs of Grand Theft Auto II, Battlefield 1942 or The Sims will not load and will cause Shatner-esque screams in the middle of the night.  As Microsoft’s Boris Schneider-Johne says, their DRM intrudes so deeply into your system that they introduce a “possible loophole for computer viruses.”

The old saying that DRM was to punish the actual consumer more than the pirate really comes into play on this one. Some developers are already patching out the painful DRM and digital stores like GOG sell versions that are not subject to the restrictive software. Of course, there are cracking tool but I never recommend them.

It seems that the objective of DRM, which was designed to prevent pirates from playing the game, is only out to punish the people that actually bought the games. As pirated games have only risen since 2005, it seems that the punishing the law-abiding citizens is the goal of DRM and not the pirates.




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