Google Hangouts Now Has Its Own Website



One of the reasons Google Hangouts never seemed to take off is simply because Google integrated it too deeply into Gmail and Google+. Google wanted to make Hangouts a natural alternative to Skype or even Facebook, who does not truly have such a feature. With the dismantling of the Google+ ecosystem, it seems that Google is giving Hangouts a chance to breath on its own.

On Monday, Google released for people who want to use the service to simply move over there and go. The site puts to use, according to The Verge, three of the programs key features: instant messaging, voice calls and video chats. They sit before you, front and center, with buttons to get you going.

The slide out menu gives you the same options as the main screen does, but gives you links to download apps to integrate your calling or messaging options into one streamline web of interconnectivity. It offers you the Android app, iOS, a Chrome add-on as well as a Hangouts dialer.

Google has redesigned the Hangout apps for Android and iOS, bringing it to date with Google’s Material Design style and making the service a bit easier to use. Let’s face it, if you are using an iOS device, you are looking for the easiest way possible.

Google is pushing ahead with making these apps, which were integrated together, more of a standalone service. Taking a move from Facebook with their Messenger app. It seems that Google is making a concerted effort to give people a chance to use if they are not buried in Gmail or Google+ all the time.




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