Apple Counters Claim That 61% Of Apple Music Users Turned Off Auto-Renewal



Spin has always been a part of big companies. Spin is used to make a bad situation sound better and it’s their way to curtail the news to their advantage. Although, on Tuesday, Apple gave us a weird take on it. Even the Apple-exclusive 9to5Mac did not know quite how to take this spin. MusicWatch released the results of a survey about people and their habits with the recently released Apple Music. The results were not good. However, Apple thought it would be better to blur the line for customers, potential customers and most importantly their shareholders.

According to the survey results, it claims that some 61 percent of participants have turned off the auto-renew function on Apple Music.  Why is that a big deal? It means that people do not want to pay for the service after the three-month trial ends. This, also, means that only 39 percent plan on continuing to listen to it going into the fall.

As the news sounds dire for Apple and its big new project, Apple took time to response to that viewpoint. Sort of. Apple cites that higher than 79 percent of users started the trial and are continuing to use it. Meaning only 21 percent of users have bailed for their old streaming service or ditched it entirely.

This particular strategy is trying to spin the numbers because 21 percent drop sounds a lot better than a 61 percent drop. Not to mention that even though more than half its users are not planning to renew in October, nearly 75 percent of all users are still using the service. Basically, they want to spin it to say that people are still listening to it. This was not a lost venture and no need to run the news that Apple failed in a streaming project.

Personally, I have signed up for Apple Music and found myself using it less and less as the weeks went on. I have turned off my automatic renewal because I knew I would not pay for the service, given that I do not pay Spotify, Pandora or IHeartRadio $10 a month for no commercials. Why would I pay $10 to simply have access to the service?

I can see where Apple is coming from, which is not to counter a story that is basically saying that people are ditching Apple Music. However, Apple never completely specified what they consider “active users” and are they using Beats 1 (which is a free service) or actual Apple Music features? I’m sure we will not get an answer to any of these questions because… it’s Apple.





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