Hayley Atwell Would Like To Play The Doctor



One of the things that bothers me at this day in age is the constant barrage of internet speculation on what is coming next, instead of enjoying what we have. When Apple releases the latest iPhone, the next moment they are discussing rumors about the upcoming one. However, this bit of information had me a bit interested. Irksome as it is, talking about who will play the next Doctor seems a bit of a waste of time, especially when the latest Doctor is only two seasons into his take on the character.

Recently, before Peter Capaldi’s announcement of taking over the role, people who like to think they are progressive were clamoring on how it is time for a female Doctor. I knew it was not going to happen, at least this season, because it would too big to a major shift given that the series was taking a hit losing widely popular Matt Smith. You need to ease fans into it. However, today Captain America’s Hayley Atwell told a fan something kind of interesting.


I am all for this. I think she is a smart and talented actress, and would give the character a special brand of moxie and empowerment that a female Doctor would need. Last season, executive producer Steven Moffat gave fans a sneak peek at a female Time Lord with the introduction of Missy as the regenerated Master.

Obviously, this will probably not go anywhere for a bit. However, if they do want to make a bigger change for fans, make it a woman. Although, I would love to see the backlash for “fans” on the gender swap given the backlash from uneducated fans that claimed that Capaldi was too old to play the Doctor simply due to that fact they thought Smith was cute.



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