Xbox App Updates Allows Streaming At 1080p on Windows 10

Last week it was reported that Microsoft’s Xbox One to Windows 10 device would not allow you to stream at “very high” settings. However, reports surfaced from more creative users on how to bypass the fixed settings and play the games on a very high setting. Well, it seems that Microsoft knew you wanted that so they released an update for the Xbox One app that will allow you to streaming your games using the “very high” setting.

Richard Irving, group program manager for Xbox One, said in an interview with Microsoft’s Larry Hryb in the video above that streaming at 1080p and 60fps will work but they recommend that you have a wired connection. They report that you could be able to use is on a wireless network but it will only work in the right conditions. You guessed it, Microsoft never stated what those conditions needed to be.

Other features also provided in Tuesday’s update included interface tweaks that give users the ability to compare Achievements with friends (only one at a time) and right-click on a gamertag to send that person a message or invite them to party chat. The app’s My Games page now offers a higher-density view of your game library and allows you to manually add games that the app cannot locate. Also, you can now navigate your games with an alphabetical jump list.

Some other features include the option to disable notifications for party or game invitations, as well as an updated Recently Played view that displays which of your friends are playing a particular game. The update is also meant to “address some issues around sign-in, localization and game streaming reported by a subset of Windows 10 users,” according to Microsoft.

It is nice to notice that Microsoft is listening to fan feedback and trying to give them what they want. This is a complete change from what they tried with Windows 8 and Smartglass. From the interview, we heard that the Xbox app will continue to get regular updates on a regular basis, which will be great for all you Xbox One users.



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