Smite Has Arrived on the Xbox One


Smite is a popular free to play MOBA title that is unique in the fact that it is played in 3rd person mode. The formerly PC only title has now made its way to the Xbox One as of yesterday.

The closed and open beta test on the Xbox One took place last year and the game has been available on the Xbox One since early July. Developer Hi-Rez Studios has officially taken the game out of beta and given it a proper release. The game has already gained over a million players so far on the console.

The game is free to play but there are certainly ways to spend some money if you so choose. You can buy new characters to play as for example but this can also be bought with in-game money as well. If you lack the focus to wait that long you can just pick up the $30 Founder’s Pack.

The pack isn’t going to be here forever though (hence Founder’s) and will be taken down at the end of the month. You’ll get every current and future player in the game as well as exclusive skins and gems. The Founder’s Pack will be replaced with the Ultimate God Pack which provides all the characters but lacks the exclusives.


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