New Gotham Trailer Shows off Joker Character

Gotham is going into its second season and the shows version of an iconic villain is almost here. This new teaser trailer (above) shows off Cameron Monaghan playing the character Jerome.

Jerome hasn’t officially been named the Joker by anyone that matters however let’s not kid ourselves here. Even if they never call him Joker it’s obvious what character they are trying to depict to the audience. FOX’s “Villains Rising” trailer goes as far as showing Jerome laughing in a very familiar way. The character of Jerome is seen here almost always smiling widely in almost every shot in the trailer.

It’s interesting to me that they won’t just come out and say it. It’s obvious what FOX is trying to do here but they seem to not want to put a name on the character. Of course FOX knows they’re treading on dangerous grounds here as well. The Joker is one of a short list of iconic comic book characters that fans will pay close attention to details and changes. Gotham is already getting a bad rap with diehard DC fans for pulling a little too off course from the source material as it is.


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