Lazy Geeks Podcast #204: Dat Vacation Time Tho

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The guys are back with their season finale of the podcast. They managed to stuff this show with more news to hold you over until their return in October. They cover some news from their last show about George Miller and the possible DC movie, not to mention the new costumes for Hawkeye and Assassin’s Creed.

Some topics: Walmart Wii U bundle, Doctor Who Legos coming, Andrew Garfield wanted Spider-Man in the Marvel U, YouTube gaming, Dimension characters, DC Comics shuffling, Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off, Google killing Flash, and Buzz Aldrin wants to colonize on Mars.


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George Miller Not Doing MOS2 – Follow-up to Cult of the Fanboy

Hawkeye New Costume

Michael Fassbender Assassin’s Creed Outfit

iPhone Event on September 9th

The Martian and Ready Player One


Take My Money Section


Walmart – Mario Maker Wii U Bundle


News –

Movie/TV News

Steve: Doctor Who coming to Lego

Adam: Andrew Garfield wanted Spider-Man to go to Marvel


Gaming News

Steve: YouTube Gaming Launches

Adam: So many Lego Dimensions Characters!

Comic News

Steve: DC Comics refocusing

Adam: New Guardians of the Galaxy Spinoff Announced

Technology News

Steve: Google Silencing Autoplay

Adam: Buzz Aldrin wants us to colonize Mars



This week’s HashtagEpic –





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