Marvel Studio Chief Kevin Feige Now Reports To Disney


If you follow the politics in the House of Marvel, you have definitely heard of the name Issac “Ike” Perlmutter. He is Marvel Entertainment CEO and a known micromanager. He is the reason that Marvel Studios pay very little for their talent in the films and is reportedly had a beef with Sony and Fox for such a long time it has risen to mythic proportions.

Under him is Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige, who is essentially responsible for getting the original Iron Man movie made as well as creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe that so many people (online) complain about, yet want Warner Bros. to mimic. It has been rumored that Feige and Perlmutter have fought over the direction of the films for years mostly in regards to financial means which could be limiting the studio’s possibility of even bigger projects.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on Tuesday it was announced that Feige has finally gotten his wish. He is no longer having to report to Perlmutter, instead he will report to the House of Mouse, Disney studio chief Alan Horn. According to sources, it seemed that Feige vented to both Horn and Disney CEO Bob Iger about his unhappiness and since Feige has proven himself with the film franchise he has earned himself a seat at the table.

“Marvel Studios is taking the next logical step in its integration with The Walt Disney Studios, joining Pixar and Lucasfilm in centralizing many of its film-related functions in Burbank, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and co-president Louis D’Esposito continuing to lead the Marvel Studios team reporting to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn,” a Disney spokesperson told THR in a statement.

Unfortunately, Jeph Loeb, who heads the Marvel Television division, will still have to report to Perlmutter. Perlmutter’s overall personality can be told in many of the rumored stories that have been reported over the years like disguising himself when he attended the Iron Man premiere, complaining that journalist got two sodas instead of the single allowed at a press junket, not wanting to work with Sony to bring Spider-Man back to Marvel and nearly ditching the whole Civil War storyline outright due to the financial issues.

Yet under Perlmutter, he has managed to keep the comic line outselling DC Comics on a nearly consistent basis, as well as keeping two live-action television series afloat. Not only that, the financial penny-pinching was really necessary in the beginning and got the first phase of Marvel movies made and a huge success. From a studio that had no official distributor, it managed to create a cinematic universe that many studios are imitating.

However, it would see that Feige may have some big stories planned for the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As you approach the Avengers: Infinity War, many know that Marvel will have to make movies bigger and better to continue its success. With Disney seeing how successful Marvel movies are under Feige, they are willing to put more money into it.

With the third phase of the cinematic universe already underway, it will probably be a while before the audience notices any changes. However, Disney knows how to keep good people in their corner and will do whatever it takes to keep Feige happy. Pearlmutter will probably be harboring some ill will over this decision and we should start hearing rumors about that fairly soon.




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