BBC Releases All Season 9 Titles for Doctor Who


It is hard to believe that not that long ago, no one would have thought to cling to every piece of news coming out of a television series, to even want the listing of the season’s titles. Doctor Who is no exception. The BBC released the complete list of titles for the upcoming ninth season of the series, which returns on Saturday.

The full episodes list is as follows:

  1. The Magician’s Apprentice,
  2. The Witch’s Familiar
  3. Under the Lake
  4. Before the Flood
  5. The Girl Who Died
  6. The Woman Who Lived
  7. The Zygon Invasion
  8. The Zygon Inversion
  9. Sleep No More
  10. Face the Raven
  11. Heaven Sent
  12. Hell Bent

It would seem that we are getting more two-part episode that were a little low in the previous season, as well as some promised bigger stories. Now that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has been introduced to the world, it’s time to bring him back to the one we all know and love.

Doctor Who returns to BBC and BBC America on September 19th.


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