Apple May Let You Uninstall Useless Apps… Someday


Like most people, there are always apps on your mobile device that you wish you could get rid of. On Android, you have many apps from Google that are built-in, as well as many apps from iOS that cannot be removed like Stocks, Tips and Compass. This is also known as bloatware. It is built-in apps that take up valuable property on your devices and there is no way to remove them.

The complaints from all across the interwebs has not completely fallen on deaf ears. During an interview with Buzzfeed, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that Apple is “looking at” consumers actually having control of their mobile devices and the freedom to remove the apps they never use.

“This is a more complex issue than it first appears,” he said. “There are some apps that are linked to something else on the iPhone. If they were to be removed they might cause issues elsewhere on the phone. There are other apps that aren’t like that. So over time, I think with the ones that aren’t like that, we’ll figure out a way [for you to remove them].”

It would seem likely that apps like Safari, Mail or Health will be sticking around for a while. However, with iOS 9 on the cusp of being released into the wild, we will most likely have to deal with other built-in apps before we get the freedom to remove them.

“It’s not that we want to suck up your real estate, we’re not motivated to do that. We want you to be happy,” Cook said.

Yes, they would like you to be happy… with Apple hardware. That is the same for Google and Android. While it would be nice to get rid of those useless apps, it would be nice if carriers did not add their own bloatware to the devices as well.


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