GeForce Experience Beta Introduces Remote Co-Op


Nvidia has given some (as in the majority honestly) PC gamers a treat in the way of a beta update. The latest GeForce Experience version has introduced the GameStream Co-Op system which allows users to stream their game to a friend’s computer over the internet.

While the obvious is possible GameStream doesn’t just allow your friends to mooch off of your game library. The feature can also be used to livestream gameplay footage allowing the viewer to take control or join a co-op season at any time. Users will also get integrated voice chat so a third party option for communication won’t be needed if you don’t want it.

Now for the requirements which honestly aren’t as bad as one may think. Nvidia states the hosting PC needs a GeForce GTX 650 or higher graphics card if using a desktop. If a laptop is running the fun a non-Optimus GeForce GTX 660M or higher is needed. Intel i3-2100 or higher CPU with at least 4GB of ram and at least 7 Mbps of upstream bandwidth will round off your recommended requirements. Is it possible to have lower specs and run GameStream? Anything is possible if you believe but it’s not guaranteed.

The most limiting requirements are the software ones however. GameStream is only meant to be used with DirectX 9 or higher games running in full screen. HD is limited to 720p at 30FPS as well. While this isn’t going to be an issue for most, those with some pretty serious rigs are going to feel the bottleneck until Nvidia decides to up the quality a bit.

GameStream is currently available in the latest GeForce Experience Beta update.


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